Standard DepoDock format is two columns (page/line, summary) as in below example.

Plaintiff v Defendant
Deposition Summary of: Dr. Code Blue
Date of Deposition: June 2, 2007

Page/Line Summary
3:1-10 ABC Law Firm, 1000 Main St., Anytown, USA
3:11-25 Appearances:
John Smith, ABC Law Firm, Attorney for the Plaintiff
Mary Jones, XYZ Law Firm, Attorney for the Defendant
4:8-13 Dr. Code Blue. Witness’ business address is Code Clinic, 1 Main Street, Big City, FL, 32603. He has practiced there for more than 15 years
4:19-21 Specialty is orthopedic surgery, a subspecialty that deals with injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
5:1-5 Witness attended college at North University in Big Town, USA, graduated in 1975. He attended medical school at South University in Big City, USA graduating in 1979.
5:13-15 He holds valid medical licenses in Florida and Georgia.
6:1-3 Witness is a member in good standing of the American College of Surgeons and of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.
6:9-20 Witness has been deposed on one previous occasion, he DNR date. Allegations were that X medicine was prescribed in error. Case went to trial and was dismissed.
7:2-8 Witness recalls an examination he performed on Mr. John Doe on January 1, 2007. He was provided with medical records from Dr. W, a chiropractor, who treated Mr. Doe and MRI scans that were taken of the patient’s neck.

*Abbreviations: “DNK”= does not know; “DNR” = does not recall

Summarized by DepoDock

Other formats:

B. 3 columns (page, line, summary)

Page Line Summary
3 1-10 ABC Law Firm, 1000 Main St., Anytown, USA

C. 2 columns, summary on left (summary, page/line)

Summary Page/Line
ABC Law Firm, 1000 Main St., Anytown, USA 3:1-10

D. 3 columns (page, topic, summary). Format D also includes index page.

Page Range Topic Summary
4:13-5:4 Previous depositions Jones has been deposed twice-in a lawsuit with his sister and in a few personal injury matters.
5:7-5:25 Business address 10 Main St., Anytown, FL
6:2-8:13 Employment Jones is currently Secretary and Treasurer of Business One and his duties involve occasionally signing corporate documents and minutes. His annual salary is $90,000 and he DNK if he receives deferred compensation.
8:17-9:20 Exhibit 22: Notice of Deposition and Production of Documents Ex. 22 is Jones’ Notice of Deposition and Production of Documents. Jones DNR this exact document.